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These 4 mistakes can send your résumé to spam

You may be highly qualified and have a beautiful résumé, but if you make these common mistakes, you may not make it to the next round


When you apply for a job, chances are a human isn’t reviewing your résumé. Today, many companies have adopted screening software as the first gate-keeper for identifying the best candidates. And there’s a good reason why: remote working.

“Since working remotely is here to stay, the location has been removed from so many job descriptions,” explains Ashley Stahl, career expert with personal finance company SoFi. “Recruiters are inundated with applications. Candidates applying for a job are no longer up against all of the people in their city; they’re applying against the entire world. Software is absolutely needed right now to support companies sifting through the applicants.”

“The ubiquity of applicant tracking systems (ATS) has utterly revamped the role of the recruiter,” says Elaine Boylan, assistant director of assessment and graduate outcomes for Adelphi University in New York. “With more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies using an ATS to streamline the recruiting process, companies rely on ATS software to filter out candidates who do not fit the stated criteria.”

That means job seekers have to worry about constructing a résumé that will make it past the digital screens and entice recruiters, assuming it successfully reaches their inboxes, says Amanda Augustine, career expert for TopResume.

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