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These 5 ‘annoying’ phrases make you sound passive aggressive at work—here’s what to say instead

By | Morgan Smith |

When’s the last time you rolled your eyes at an email loaded with corporate lingo? 

If the answer is “today” or “this week,” you’re not alone: people are fed up with workplace jargon. You can hear the collective, exasperated sigh of employees across the internet as videos and tweets poking fun at overused phrases like “per my last email” and “circle back” garner millions of likes. 

According to recent research from Slack, 63% of workers find it “off-putting” when colleagues use workplace jargon in their communication, and 78% reported stopping themselves from talking or sending messages to avoid using jargon. The report is based on survey responses from 2,000 remote and hybrid workers in the United States conducted in January. 

However, as much as workers loathe such clichés, 89% admitted to relying on workplace jargon in conversations with clients, managers and colleagues to “sound more professional” or “maintain office norms.”

Here are the top five most annoying workplace jargons to avoid according to Slack, and tips for communicating better at work: 

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