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These 5 Small Habits You Can Do Over the Weekend Will Help Eliminate Sunday Scaries for Good

Let's start the workweek off right again

Source | | Katie Burke

We’ve all experienced it. The dreaded pit in your stomach on the last day of the weekend, the cloud that fogs your brain thinking about the number of emails adding up in your inbox, or the anticipation of trying to get through your list for the upcoming workweek.

Whether you call it the Sunday Scaries or Sunday Blues, according to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, this feeling of workweek anxiety affects 80 percent of professionals, with that percentage increasing to over 90 percent in Millennials and Generation Z. 

While I’m not perfect at it, I do believe in spending much-needed time to rest and recharge–it’s critical to performance, engagement, and motivation in your work. It’s time we took back our weekends.

So, how can we all reduce those Sunday Scaries? Here are five hacks I’ve found that help me come into work on Monday feeling more motivated and ready to take on the week ahead.

Friday: Clean Out Your Inbox

One of the most frequent causes of the Sunday Scaries is a cluttered and full inbox. While it can seem impossible to set aside time to filter through your emails, the impact is worth it. To start, book time on your calendar. Schedule an hour for yourself at the end of each Friday to read and respond to as many unanswered emails as you can. By establishing a weekly routine to clean out your inbox, you’ll start to notice that little notification number dwindling each week, allowing you to eventually empty your inbox every Friday, avoiding the Monday back-up and hours spent responding.

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