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These 7 Interview Skills Will Help You Stand Out From the Pack

By | Lily Zhang |

Having conducted hundreds of interviews—both mock interviews with career coaching clients and real interviews as part of search committees—and seen what the outcomes are, I can say with confidence that getting through the hiring process and landing a job is not just about whether or not you can do the job. It’s also about how well you interview.

Interviewing involves a whole set of skills that can be completely separate from the skills you need for the actual job (though, of course, sometimes there’s overlap). The good news is you can definitely acquire and hone interview skills, even if you feel you’re not naturally that great at interviewing. 

Here are seven skills that can make a big difference in how your interviewers perceive you, how well you answer common interview questions, and how well your interview goes overall.

1. Research

If you’re reading this article because you have an interview coming up and you searched online for resources that would help you prepare, then I have some good news for you: You’re going to be great at this first skill because clearly researching something you need to learn more about comes naturally to you. Conducting research on a company prior to an interview makes a huge difference in how prepared you’ll sound on the big day when you get a question like, “Why are you interested in our company?

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