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These Are Job Seekers’ Top 3 Priorities Right Now, According To LinkedIn

Source | LinkedIn : By WADE BURGESS

Last year, job openings in the U.S. hit a five-year high, clocking in at over 5 million, where they remain today. That’s a lot of positions that need filling, but the good news for employers is that a staggering 90% of professionals, according to new research here at LinkedIn, are open to considering them.

One reason so many people say they’d like to hear more about job opportunities is because they simply don’t know enough about them already. For all the job-search resources out there, it seems people still need more—or different—information about prospective employers than they’re currently getting.

That points to a pretty big disconnect in the employer brand department, but to mend it, companies need to know what job seekers actually want to learn when they’re skimming job descriptions and career sites, and weighing whether or not to apply.

So we tried to find that out. Our 2016 Talent Trends study, which we conducted between January and March this year, asked more than 26,000 professionals about their job searches, including nearly 7,000 of whom who had recently changed jobs and explained to us why.

Here’s what their answers told us about what job seekers care about most right now.


More than two-thirds (66%) of survey respondents wanted to know about a company’s culture and values above all else when considering changing jobs. The problem is that most people are coming in cold.

They may know about your company, but they lack a clear picture of what it’s like on the inside—and the typical job descriptionisn’t helping. Most simply list a set of responsibilities and requirements, leaving job seekers wondering what a real workday actually looks like.

Instead, employers should position their cultures front and center, and use current employees—their best ambassadors—to help. Involve them in your brand initiatives and encourage them to create their own content that candidly shows what they think about your work culture.

Jennifer Newbill is global talent manager at Dell, where she recently asked employees to share how they experience the company’s entrepreneurial spirit.The project was meant to help dispel perceptions that Dell (which, in full disclosure, is a LinkedIn customer) is little more than a lumbering tech giant.

Newbill’s four-month effort culminated in a deck featuring real employees from across the company at Dell locations all over the world. It’s now earned more than 220,000 views on SlideShare.

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