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These are the 10 traits recruiters are looking for

In a recent study, recruiters ranked what they consider to be the most important traits for job applicants


Like it or not, first impressions matter. A study from the résumé-building website Zety found that 83% of hiring managers call that initial gut feeling they get about a person a critical factor when making hiring decisions. What drives a first impression is your traits.

“Traits are different than skills,” says Zety’s career expert Jacques Buffett. “Skills are what is on your résumé. Hard skills could be a programming language you know, and soft skills include leadership, teamwork, and communication. Personal traits are the qualities that turn up during the interview. It’s the impression you leave through your attitude and how you compose yourself from the second you walk in the door.”

In the Zety study, recruiters ranked what they consider to be the most important traits. Here are the top 10:


Recruiters want to hire someone who will be loyal to the team and the company. Loyal employees contribute more to the business, says Buffett. “It’s critical to success of team spirit,” he says. “It’s how a company builds an esprit de corps.”


Consumers are looking more closely at companies and are judging their corporate integrity. In turn, businesses look for this trait in an employee. “They want the employee to have moral integrity,” says Buffett. “It’s become ever more important with so much public scrutiny.”

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