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These are the 9 skills which will make anyone indispensable in the workplace

Source | Business Insider  

Finding a job can be hard in the current economic climate, and it can be even harder if you lack sought-after skills.

A government study showed that in 2015, a quarter of all job vacancies in the United Kingdom weren’t filled due to a skill shortage.

The skills which were most lacking among the workforce, according to employers, were time management (47%), customer handling skills (39%), and the ability to work as part of a team (33%).

Although this has a direct impact on the financial wellbeing of business in the UK, and in turn, the national economy, this shortage of skills is an opportunity for those with the right skill sets to be more competitive in the workplace and become an invaluable asset to any company.

Although it’s always a good idea to learn new skills, now might be the best time to enroll in an e-course which lets you learn at your own pace – and from the comfort of your own home – without burning a hole in your wallet.

Through to Black Friday, some of Udemy’s best-selling online courses are only £14, allowing you to expand your skillsets and arm yourself with the right knowledge to become indispensable in the workplace:

1. Time management

1. Time management

Time management and being capable of prioritising tasks may seem like a given, but a whopping 47% of employers reported that it was a skill which was lacking amongst their employees.

“Become a SpeedDemon: Productivity Tricks To Have More Time” will help anyone master the skill of time management so that you can get things done faster, better, and make you a model employee.

2. Customer care

2. Customer care

A worrying 39% of employers reported that customer care was a skill which was lacking. For those who want to nurture a great relationship with their clients, taking the “Customer Care: Getting it Right” for just £14 is a great way to make an impression. This course is great for anyone who works with other people, and will definitely change the relationships you have with the people you work with and, in turn, your boss.

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