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These are the four essential qualities you need to be an effective leader

The critical question should not be what you need to become a leader, but what you need to be someone who can be a positive influence for change


Everybody wants to be a leader. But sadly, not always for the right reasons. If leadership roles weren’t associated with higher levels of personal career success, including more status, money, and power, there would surely be a much lower proportion of people in the world willing to be leaders—particularly among men.

Since leadership is a key coordination process that enables people to work together as a high-performing team, the critical question should not be what you need to become a leader, but what you need to be an effective leader.

Do you have what it takes to turn a group of people into an A-team? Can you be a strong catalyst for team morale, performance, and well-being? Are you likely to be a positive influence on those who are asked to follow you, or are you just in it for your own personal gain? These may seem like obvious questions, but given the high number of managers who are deemed incompetent (just google “my boss is . . .” or “my manager is . . .” to see what most people think of their bosses) they’re clearly not.

One of the problems is that people are generally unaware of their leadership potential, not least because of the general human tendency we have to assume we are better than we actually are, especially when we aren’t competent.

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