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Thich Nhat Hanh: “Mindfulness as a Foundation for Health” | Talks at Google


Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh (known as Thay in his circles) made a rare visit to the Googleplex to lead a half-day Health@Google workshop in the fundamentals of mindfulness. The exercises and rituals of mindfulness lay the path to optimal health and happiness.

Thay may be the second most famous Buddhist monk in the world, right after the Dalai Lama. He is certainly one of the best known and most respected Zen Masters in the world. Thay is a best-selling author, poet, and peace activist who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King Jr. He is a key pioneer in actively applying insights from meditation to solving real-world social, political and environmental problems. Thay most recently published Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life, with Harvard School of Public Health nutritionist Dr. Lilian Cheung. At 85, he’s touring North America before retiring to his monastery in France.

Life at Google is fast, furious and fun, yet it can take a toll on ourselves and our loved ones. Through Thay’s specially crafted workshop, you’ll learn how to reduce stress, eat for health, sleep better, find emotional stability, improve concentration and sustain optimal performance.

–Chade-Meng Tan


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  1. I would like to translate this entire session to Portuguese. How can I get a file version to able to put captions. I want to share this wonderful experience with my Brazilians friends…. There is an Spanish version.

  2. Anyone gave a negative comments about Thay then pls wait until you're almost 90 and sit like Thay posture for 15 minutes not 3 to 4 hours like Thay then pls come back here write your comments again !!!! Nam Mo Amitofou

  3. It appears that there are many differing reactions to this. My first reaction is sheer cynicism and nausea. I realise that I could just be wrong. Therein lies my hope. But to be cynical of everything and everyone is being dead already, anyway, that is what it feels like. So there must be another way of living. When I was young things were different. Everything was new or an exciting experiment. No longer. Have I grown wise or has my essence dried up? Perhaps a bit of both. I don't think it wrong to be cynical, but there must be a balance. What does mindful mean? It seems to me that these monks are just ignoring the world and living in their own little world of nothing, of living without stress. Yes, but life is stressful.

  4. Guided meditation starts at 16:00ish…the singing before was a little awkward…maybe the nun that was given the mic to hold was not the best singer but the subject is mindful breathing in and out…that's the focus.

  5. Oh, what courage this nun has. She sang much better the second verse and later and was less shy and embarrassed. I still enjoy listening to her and the others. It must be some type of therapy for her. She still makes me happy. We are all imperfect God bless. Shanti?

  6. Emperor's New Clothes.

    Mindfulness pisses me off. The thing which helps me get over stuff is stoicism and life experience. Mindfulness doesn't actually solve any problems; it just makes you feel better about the problem. What's worse it that it's pushed by the company I work for. It's as useful as prayer or a Facebook like. It's also selfish, focusing on the self. I'd much rather help someone/something else.
    Mindfulness is placebo medicine, not a cure.

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