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Things Out of Sorts? Getting Team Chemistry Back in Balance

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Chemistry, synergy, in-synch, call it what you will: The most critical ingredient every team needs to consistently turn out good results is balance.

So how can you tell if your team is out of sorts?

Teamwork balance is hard to define, but once you lose it, you’ll know. When a team is out of balance, it affects everyone’s performance levels, even when they’re working on their own.

Team imbalance can sneak up on even the most careful and observant managers. To work well together, team members need to recognize each other’s strengths and weaknessesand must trust each other to do his or her job and do it well.

It’s up to managers to pay attention to how employees adapt and work with others on the team, especially if you’ve had an influx of new hires or changes among your veterans.

Human Nature Plays a Big Role

Human instincts are far more sophisticated than say, herd animals, but we still react in many of the same ways, says Steven Hunt, Ph.D., SPHR, Director of Business Transformation at SuccessFactors.

We tend to follow a leader if someone asserts themselves within a group. We’re comfortable going “along with the pack” when it might be risky to turn in a better direction.

Much of what we believe is possible or expected at work has a lot to do with what our co-workers are accomplishing. Our drive, skills, and knowledge are naturally affected by the people around us.

So, many of us subconsciously mimic the actions of our peers, adapting their work ethic as if it’s contagious.

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