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5 Things You Should Do Instead of Overanalyzing Your Interview and Driving Yourself Crazy

By | Katie Douthwaite Wolf |

At the end of a job interview, you can usually breathe a sigh of relief. The hardest part is over!

But as soon as the office door closes behind you, the interview starts replaying in your head. Over and over and over.

And each time, it gets a little worse. Did you really giggle nervously when you shook your interviewer’s hand—or was it a more of a hysterical screech? Did you stumble over a few words when explaining your biggest weakness, or did you babble incoherently? Did you come across as confident or ridiculously conceited?

As you probably realize, overanalyzing your interview isn’t going to change how it went. But what can you do to get away from that habit of dissecting every little word, gesture, and facial expression from your interview? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Quit Practicing (at Least for Now)

It always happens: You think of the perfect answer to a question that stumped you just minutes after you finish the interview, and you’re able to verbalize it flawlessly in the car on the way home. It drives you crazy that you weren’t able to think of this answer just an hour ago.

First, take a breath and realize that this is normal. It only makes sense that you’re going to have a more developed, succinct answer in mind when the question has been marinating in your head for an hour or two.

It may seem like a great idea to continue rehearsing the answers to these tough questions over and over again until you get them perfect, but for the moment, take a break. By focusing all your energy on what you could or should have said, you’re only bringing more stress on yourself. When you have another interview lined up, you can use this as a learning experience—but for now:

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