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Think Empathy Is A Soft Skill? Think Again. Why You Need Empathy For Success

Source | | Tracy Brower

Empathy sometimes gets a bad rap as soft skill which is too fluffy to matter in business. But in reality it can be the pathway to hard results. Empathy is important to success and it can help you at work. Here’s how.

First, it’s important to know empathy is a capability we all have—perhaps to greater or lesser degrees—that allows us to put ourselves in the place of another person and experience their feelings. We all crave connectedness and it seems our brains are hard-wired to mirror others’ experiences. Research shows children as young as two demonstrate understanding that others have different perspectives than their own. Even babies prefer to hear sounds from other babies rather than older voices—evidence of our human desire for affinity and alignment.

Benefits of Empathy

There are important benefits of empathy.

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