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This 1-hour exercise will increase your self-awareness by 100x

By | Christopher D. Connors |

Ready to integrate a 15-minute turbocharge into your morning and evening routines? We’re talking 30 minutes total per day, tops. I promise.

It’s literally changed my productivity, focus, ability to think more creatively and my overall happiness and well-being. I’ve now written two books, including one on emotional intelligence that is helping people around the globe increase their self-awareness. I’ve studied emotional intelligence for years and lectured on it at several organizations.

At the core of emotional intelligence is an ability to “know thyself.” This is called self-awareness. So, why is this so important? Why does it matter if we do this inner identity work that helps us understand and manage our emotions? Because to get what we want in business and life, we need to operate with confidence.

Self-awareness and a desire for continuous improvement get you there.

Self-Awareness is comprised of a 360° understanding of our emotions that enables us to find greater peace, inner-strength, confidence and fulfillment. When we know ourselves, we worry and fear less about external factors that are out of our control. What we do is “turn inward” and focus on the things that make us who we are, and also that which we can define.

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