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This 1 Simple Concept Changed My Team’s Perspective on What They Control

By | Robert Glazer | Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker & Board Member | Founder & CEO Acceleration Partners

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Almost three years ago, one of my mentors, Warren Rustand, spoke to an emerging group of leaders at Acceleration Partners as part of our advanced leadership training workshop. 

Rustand has built a storied career, serving as chairman or CEO of 17 companies, as a board member for dozens more, and even working in the White House with President Gerald Ford. Rustand generously spent two hours sharing many pearls of wisdom on principled leadership with members of our team.  

Rustand’s speech left a big impact on the audience, in many ways. But in the months that followed, it became clear that one thing he said resonated most with the attendees. It related to how they should deploy their time and energy as leaders in their personal and professional lives. He said: 

If you don’t control it, why worry about it? Because you don’t control it. 

And if you do control it, why worry about it? Because you control it. 

Since March 2020, many things have happened that feel completely beyond our control. However, we aren’t always honest with ourselves about where the marking of what we control begins and ends.  

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