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This 28-year-old ignored warnings about job-hopping and doubled her salary to $186K in 5 years

By | Jennifer Liu

Cinneah El-Amin, 28, in New York City has worked in banking and tech. In February, she was laid off from her tech job and is taking time away from Corporate America to grow her own business, an online career and lifestyle platform called Flynanced.

In her early career, she more than doubled her salary, starting off earning $72,000 and leaving her most recent job with a $186,000 yearly paycheck.

Here’s how her salary has changed throughout her career:

Senior project analyst: $72,000

El-Amin majored in Africana studies at Barnard and went on to a one-year master’s program at Wake Forest University School of Business. She held a fellowship with American Express during grad school and focused on finding her first post-grad job with the company. When she graduated in 2017, she was offered the role of senior product analyst.

The initial offer came in at $68,000 per year and El-Amin negotiated it up to $72,000.

She didn’t know much about negotiating but knew everyone said to ask for more, so she shot for something that would move her into the $70,000-range. “I didn’t really have a strategy back then. I was just kind of happy to have a job at that point,” she says.

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