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This 3-Question Self-Assessment Can Help You Reprioritize Your Life

By | Richard Eyre |

In general terms, there is a remarkable level of agreement on the three elements, ingredients or measurements of success. Virtually everyone would include personal development and health, career and achievements, and relationships and family, though each of us may define these three things slightly differently. 

Many, for example, would emphasize faith within their personal development, and others would make service and giving prominent among their achievements. But the point is, the majority of people agree that these are the three categories in which we work for success. Like the three sides of a triangle, they are interconnected; each side touches and supports the other two.

Success in only one of the three areas is flat and one-dimensional. We have all seen the shallowness of wealth without health and family. Even success in two of the three dimensions can lack depth, as in the case of someone who seems to have everything going for themselves—but no one to really share it with.

What is interesting is that when you ask people to rank the three areas in order of importance, a majority of people would probably order them like this:

  1. Relationships and family
  2. Personal development and health
  3. Career and achievements

Yet, when most people are asked to list the three in order of how much time and mental energy they are spending on each one, the list often flips:

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