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This Card Game Can Help Make Your Work More Meaningful

Source | FastCompany : By RICH BELLIS

“I care more about my family and my career than I do about my friends—and myself,” Jennifer McLennan, director of Design and Development at ‎Marriott, remarked yesterday afternoon, with some alarm. That hadn’t occurred to her before. McLennan was poring over a loose grid of cards, each printed with a value, like “Ambition” and “Courage” and “Peace,” that she’d arranged on the table before her from most to least important.

“I don’t know if that means I’m fucked up!”

It probably doesn’t. Live in the Grey is a consultancy geared to helping businesses create more “authentic workplaces” through better teamwork and more honest, transparent communication. It sees that process as a bottom-up rather than top-down effort, which means it has to start with self-examination on the individual level—an experience that Fast Company Innovation Festival attendees got a taste of in an exercise at Live in the Grey’s offices yesterday afternoon.

That’s where the company’s custom deck of 72 “value” cards comes in. By asking participants to decide which values resonated with them the most, which resonated least, and which fell somewhere in between, Live in the Grey was prodding individuals to assume some of the culture-building work that many companies struggle to institute unilaterally.

That work isn’t always easy, as McLennan and others found out, because suddenly, it’s personal. But Kate Bednarski, Live in the Grey’s chief experience officer, provided some encouragement to those who worried about what the values they found themselves de-prioritizing: “You can’t value everything. You just can’t.”

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