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This CEO believes it’s time to embrace idealogical diversity and AI can help

The CEO of Phenom believes that AI can help focus on candidates’ skills and experience as politics continues to drive national dialogues


Open discussion of political preferences is no longer taboo. These viewpoints inundate social feeds, infiltrate the dinner table, and are more visible in the workplace than ever. In fact, during the 2016 U.S. election, General Mills started the Courageous Conversation series featuring a keynote speech and breakout sessions centered around tough topics. The event continues five years later, having increased participation from 30 participants to as many as 3,000 employees.

The near-universal shift to remote working is further blending the boundaries between our personal and professional leanings. Even though past political commentary was not as amplified as it is today, we’ve always broadcasted subconscious political cues to those around us. Today, they could come in a Slack message to our boss, a keynote presentation to the entire company, or during an interview for a dream job. Ignoring individual politics, it seems, has become nearly impossible.

We need to step back and consider how the complexity of politics has conditioned our engagement with each other—and more importantly, what we can do about it. HR has never had a better opportunity to embrace ideological diversity and its role in how companies hire. As the pandemic has accelerated technology’s impact on talent management, HR teams can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure candidates with different world views receive fair opportunities.


I’ve spoken with CHROs who’ve seen spectacular ideas come together when thought leaders clash during brainstorms. This positive synergy only exists because they’ve made a point of hiring ideologically diverse talent. At Phenom, many candidates come from talent pools in Greater Philadelphia—an electorally pivotal region in the U.S. due to its political variation. Effectively, our employees welcome and build upon fundamentally divergent ideas from their colleagues.

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