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This chart shows how much money Americans have in savings at every age

By | Emmie Martin |

The typical American household has an average of $8,863 in an account at a bank or credit union, according to a recent report from Bankrate that analyzed inflation-adjusted data from the Federal Reserve. That’s purely in liquid savings, so it doesn’t include retirement funds or other investments.

However, that amount varies greatly by age and household type.

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Among those 34 and younger, couples without children have the most put away: They have an average of $4,727 in savings. Single people without children in that age range have an average of $2,729 in savings.

However, the situation seems to shift as people age, at least for a while. For those between the ages of 35 and 44, couples with children have the most in savings: an average of $10,399. That’s significantly more than any other household type for that age group. And among those aged 45-54, couples with children also have the highest average savings account balances of their age group, with $15,589.

After about age 65, though, couples without children regain the advantage.

Older families tend to have considerably more put away as well. Couples aged 55-64 with children have the most saved overall, with an average of $17,587 in the bank.

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