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This chatbot is helping HR identify unhappy employees before they quit

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Unhappy employees are found in every workplace and it is a continuous challenge for every office to identify them and then address their issues. The disgruntled employee is one of the top worries for every business leader, but dealing with them is still much of an art and very less science. Up until now.

Pushing the envelope, companies are now using bots to analyse people’s expressions and tone to determine traits such as confidence and happiness in order to help HRs identify confident candidates during interviews. Apart from calling the shots at hiring, AI-enabled bots are also fulfilling the roles of a companion. One such chatbot named Amber has now become a confidante of office employees who are comfortably sharing their work problems with it. Amber, the employee engagement chatbot, is the flagship product of Gurgaon-based startup inFeedo whose aim is to help HRs find the unhappy and disengaged employees in the company.

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