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This company pays new hires to take a vacation before they even start: ‘Time is the most valuable thing to all of us’

By | Jennifer Liu |

As employers struggle to hire, they’re having to contend with the benefit that their would-be workers want most: time, and more specifically, time away from work.

You see it in surveys reporting the support of perks like a four-day workweek or companywide shutdowns in the name of mental health.

At the tech hospitality company SevenRooms, they’re upping the ante with another type of bonus: As of Jan. 1, every new hire gets two weeks of paid time off (and health insurance coverage) before they start their first day with the company.

Paul McCarthy, SevenRooms’ chief people officer, says the plan came together last summer as employers became more desperate for jobseekers who are now more in-demand, and more burned out, than ever. Many employers have responded to the talent crunch by offering up big signing bonuses, higher pay, flexibility and other perks.

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