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This company tracks its employees’ sleep to promote their wellbeing, ETHRWorld |

<p>Alisha Sanghvi, Lead People, The Sleep Company</p>
Alisha Sanghvi, Lead People, The Sleep Company

Are you getting proper sleep? Do you wish someone had cared about this? Well! The Sleep Company, a leading D2C mattress brand, has been tracking the sleep of its employees for the past eight months to promote their wellbeing as the organisation’s staff strength is growing at a very fast pace with 40 new retail stores in the last six months.

Employees can record their sleep timings using a smartwatch or smart phone and update that in the Google sheet tracker. Later, the HR department checks the quality of the sleep depending on the hours of deep sleep. Minimum seven hours of sleep per day is considered as the best quality of sleep and the employees who achieve this target are given vouchers and incentives quarterly as a token of appreciation.

Alisha Sanghvi, Lead People, The Sleep Company, says, “As the company is into providing sleep solutions, we think it should first start with the employees. We also realise that one’s sleep cycle is a personal choice of an individual and the lifestyle of a person is very subjective. So, we are not pushing anybody to take up the initiative in the first year. It is completely voluntary and up to the employees.”

“Today, we have 25-30 percent of the workforce actively taking part in the initiative. Once these people start seeing results in wellness and performance productivity, it will only spread by word of mouth, and more people will…

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