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This Head of Software Says Successful Teamwork Should Give You an Adrenaline Rush

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Almost two decades into her tenure at Siemens, Beryl Lopez is just as excited to go to work as she was on her first day as a graduate trainee engineer in control center automation. “I can’t get enough of this organization,” Lopez says. “I feel like my exploration has only just begun. Siemens is a sea of opportunity.”

Throughout her 18 years at the global technology company, Lopez has held roles across different departments—manufacturing, corporate strategy, and human resources, to name a few—and worked at various locations, including the main headquarters in Germany.

“Being in the HQ—the epicenter of innovation and development—enhanced my knowledge to a level where I could independently lead and drive customer projects,” Lopez says.

Today, she’s the Head of Grid Software at Siemens India. “India is on the threshold of transformation and software is pivotal to growth,” she says. “My foundation built in the control center software business as well as my learnings and experiences in subsequent positions at Siemens provided me with the outlook and mindset necessary for my current role.”

Here, Lopez shares how she took control of her career, what she loves about Siemens’ India office, and the skills that have led to her success.

How did you know Siemens would be a good fit for you?

Siemens has always been a name to reckon with in the field of electrical engineering. As a young graduate engineer fresh out of college, I wanted a job that would allow a practical application of my academic learning. I also wanted to be part of an organization that touched lives because I am driven by technology that has people at the core. I had specialized in Computer Application in Power Systems in college and decided to make a career in this area. 

I decided to work with Siemens for the people-centric culture and excellence in innovation. It sounded like just the kind of place where I would love to work—and 18 years later, I’m still enjoying this journey.

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