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This is how important it is to have a supportive manager

By | Monica Torres |

As anyone who has had a good mentor or a bad boss at work knows all too well, when someone believes in you, it can make all the difference. A new survey by the American Psychological Association of 1,076 U.S. workers found that a manager’s support can make or break an employee’s experience at a job. The workers were asked to rate their supervisors’ support across a number of dimensions, on a scale from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree.”

Survey: Unsupportive bosses create unsatisfied employees with one foot out the door

Whether or not your boss was supportive or disengaged determined employees’ paths and organizational outcomes. Employees with supportive bosses were twice as likely to report feeling valued by their employer and feeling satisfied with their jobs and were twice as likely to recommend the job to others.

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