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This is how you are making good employees leave your company

Source |  |Vartika Kashyap, Marketing Manager at ProofHub


Does it happen quite often that you are in the middle of building a team and your best resource leave? If yes, then there’s a serious problem lurking around your team.

Employees leaving quickly could mean that your team will never reach the success you’ve planned out for your business. And the question that needs to be answered here is ‘Why do employees leave a company?’ What is it that companies are doing wrong because of which they are not able to sustain good employees?

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While it has become a popular statement that employees don’t leave a company, they leave manager there is no single reason that justifies why good employees leave their company. Being a manager for more than half a decade now, I have observed the situation quite closely. Based on those observations, I’ve figured out certain reasons that compel good employees to leave a company.

Let us have a look at them one by one –

1. Driving them crazy with unnecessary rules

You need to lay some ground rules for the employees to follow in the organization. There’s no denying this fact. But there is a thin line between creating rules that are necessary, and the ones that are a cause of nuisance for the employees.

For instance, an overzealous attendance policy or shortsighted attempts at creating order within the team – all these can really cause the employees to give a second thought to working for your company. Setting rules is important, but like I’ve said creating a work atmosphere where employees feel they are constantly under the eye of Big Brother can do more damage than good to your team building dreams.

2. Not recognizing their contribution

Even small gestures like a pat on the back from manager can motivate the employees to go out of their comfort zone and do more for the business. But seldom do managers realize this fact. Throughout my career, I’ve listened to people stating no recognition at work as the number one reason why they made the switch.

The tried and tested formula of praising in public and criticizing in person fits perfectly here. If you as a manager want to inspire the team to stick with your business for long, then recognizing their contribution and applauding them for their achievement is must.

3. Promoting the wrong people

Every team has its weak link. But strong teams know which are those weak links and they don’t let them become the cause of failure. This is where a manager’s role become so important. A good manager is the best judge of a team member’s skills and capabilities. He is the one person who assigns the work.

The problem here is that if the manager promotes the wrong people for the job, the employees are going to feel neglected. It’s like working hard day and night for the promotion, which is offered to someone else. This is one of the most common, and the biggest reasons why good employees leave an organization


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