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This is how you can make remote employees feel appreciated

For remote staff, research shows that face time matters more than words of praise or monetary gifts


Research has found that recognition can go a long way in improving employee productivity and engagement, but now managers and employers are challenged to extend their gratitude to an increasingly remote workforce.

While remote staff still appreciate acknowledgement and affirmation from their superiors, research suggests they are more likely to value quality time with their colleagues over direct praise, compared to those who work in-house.

According to a research by psychologist and author Paul White, everyone has their own preferred way of receiving praise and acknowledgement. In his 2012 book, The Five Languages of Appreciate in the Workplace, he breaks down how most employees want to feel acknowledged for their work.

According to his research for the book, nearly half of the 130,000 American workers who took a self-assessment appreciated words of affirmation most, approximately one quarter most enjoyed quality time with colleagues, just over 20% preferred to be acknowledged through kind acts or services, only approximately 5% most appreciate physical gifts, and less than 1% most appreciated a high five or other physical gestures.

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