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This is how you keep your most ambitious employees from leaving

Source Fastcompany|  |By| STEPHANIE VOZZA


Retaining talent is a top concern for most leaders, but retaining top talent should be in the forefront. A study by Gartner found that high potential employees (HIPOs) are at greater risk of leaving.

“Gartner found that HIPOs are more likely than non-HIPOs to be actively looking for a job with another organization, 39% versus 30%, respectively,” says Brian Kropp, group vice president of Gartner HR practice. “This is particularly acute during times of disruption, when we ask high potential employees to take on much more risk and responsibility to steer the business through and then don’t reward them appropriately with recognition, career opportunities, or promotions.”

While being fairly compensated is important, pay isn’t always what keeps them in place. Here are seven ways to keep your ambitious top performers happily employed (with you).


Don’t limit top talent to their job descriptions, says Sanja Licina, PhD, leader of Globant’s Future of Organizations Studio. “Giving ambitious employees the autonomy and opportunities to pursue passions is a great way to intrinsically motivate them, and provides ways for them to advance in their careers and make them feel fulfilled,” she says. “This freedom can have a huge impact on employee happiness and can provide a different outlet for coworkers to alleviate daily frustrations by focusing on tasks outside of their normal routines.”

Also, give them opportunities for cross-collaboration, says Licina. “Employees that form relationships with coworkers are more likely to stay,” she says.

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