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This is likely the No. 1 thing affecting your job performance

Hint: It all starts with figuring out what you don’t know

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Learning on the job is probably the single most important factor driving your performance at work. You won’t know everything you need to about your job when you’re hired, no matter how good your education is or how much experience you had in previous positions. The road to learning starts with a willingness to admit what you don’t know and an interest in learning new things.


Your cognitive brain is the repository for the knowledge you need to do your job well. Three crucial types of knowledge allow you to answer the questions, Who? How? and Why?

Who? refers to the people you must connect with to get the resources, information, assistance, and approval to do your work. How? refers to the procedures that let you get things done at work. Why? involves having good causal knowledge about the way the world works within your domain of expertise. With causal knowledge you can solve new problems in new ways rather than just executing a procedure you’ve learned.

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