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This Is The Most Important Leadership Test In The World

Source | | Terina Allen

If you want genuine peace of mind when you go to sleep at night, you first need to figure out what gets you out of bed in the morning. If you want to open doors for others, it’s good to show that you can open some for yourself. And, if you desire to rest on your success tomorrow, you doggone well shouldn’t be sitting still today.

The most important leadership test in the world is based on your ability to successfully lead yourself first. Can you pass it?

Without even thinking about it, you take this test day in and day out when you demonstrate your willingness – or lack thereof – to effectively manage and lead yourself; to move yourself to action; to pay the price that leadership costs; and to appreciate the value of followership. If you want to lead, start with leading yourself to happiness. Lead yourself to career success and fulfillment. Show that you have the courage and mental fortitude to create your own path and lead your own journey. If you want to lead, you have the power – if you dare own it – to go ahead and do so with your own life first.

The best leaders lead and manage themselves first.

Leaders who cannot manage themselves cannot successfully manage anyone or anything else. Leaders who don’t value themselves will not value those they are supposed to lead.

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