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This is the secret to your career success – and it begins at home

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In a world that is constantly switched on, it may be beneficial to take a slow start to your day for ultimate career success.

Starting the day at ease helps spark creative thinking, according to the World Institute of Slowness Founder Geir Berthelsen.

“Slow is not an apologia for laziness or slowness, it’s a question of reason, playfulness and balance,” WIS website explains. “It’s about time, mastery, game strategy, strategy implementation, organisation and responsibility and a good life.”

The concept looks at reassessing how we think about time to create a slower and happier world.

Here are 5 ways you can set yourself up for success by taking it slow

  1. Start slow:

    Instead of grabbing your phone the minute you wake, stay away from your devices for a while and drink your morning coffee or tea in peace, or maybe meditate to reduce stress

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