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It’s 2020!

This means we’re as close to 2050 as we are to 1990. Seems ridiculous doesn’t it? In some regards, 1990 feels like yesterday, in other aspects feels like a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

We think back fondly on days of yore, but as Hollywood is learning the hard way, nostalgia isn’t what it used to be. 

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Why would the good people of 2020 want to see Cats? Yes, an iconic piece of musical theatre, but completely irrelevant to modern audiences. Beowulf and Ivanhoe may be classics, but that doesn’t mean people would want to go see them.

Thinking that a production from a different era would resonate with current audiences was taking a lot for granted. Loading it up with stars such as Judi Dench, Taylor Swift. Jennifer Hudson, and Jason Derulo, can’t cover up the multitude of issues it had.

As bad as Cats is, Cats will easily be forgotten, a luxury the Rise of Skywalker doesn’t have.

Left alone, Star Wars (Eps 4-6) would be a much loved and cherished trilogy that forever stand the test of time. Now they’re the outliers in the middle of an unpalatable sandwich of 6 horrible to average movies. Movies so disappointing that not even Baby Yoda could save them. How did this happen?

As Simon Sinek says, Start with Why and it’s obvious to all that there was no why here. There was only a what – make lots and lots of money. The movies did that but at what price?

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