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This is what I learned as a millennial managing other millennials

GoldieBlox founder Debbie Sterling says she actually found it hardest to manage millennials at the beginning of her career or even identify with them at all


When you picture the people who have a tough time managing millennials, another millennial probably doesn’t come to mind. But as someone who is a part of that generation, I actually found it hardest to manage millennials at the beginning of my career, or even identify with them at all. Some of the millennials I’ve managed felt like they deserved my job. Others want the same autonomy I have. And some of them are the nightmare the media has painted them to be: lazy, entitled, and demanding.

At first, my knee-jerk reaction was to quickly write off annoying behavior as something wrong with an entire generation (of which I was clearly the outlier). But when I took the time to understand why an employee acts a certain way, I usually discovered someone extremely motivated and hard-working. The trick is learning how to channel millennials’ strengths toward better results, so it’s a win-win for everybody.


Sometimes, the requests millennials make aren’t about the specific demand but a signal that they’re ready for something bigger.

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