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This phrase will kill your business!!

Source | LinkedIn | Gavin Dawson | Business Growth Consultant, Your Success is our Success. Managing Director at CamAceLtd

This phrase will kill your business

“We have always done it this way”

I have always hated this phrase! It epitomises everything that is wrong with closed minds in the business world, “We’ve done ok so far” yell the non-believers, and this may be true, but that is in the past, how are you dealing with the future?

This phrase brings with it an inability to modernise your business, to take advantage of advances in technology and changes to public thinking and mind set, if your competitors are changing and you don’t, there’s only one thing you are getting…..and that’s left behind.

What a horrible mind set and an absolute sure fire way to kill a business, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon…unless as a business owner or director, senior manager or supervisor you take those mindsets and do something to change them.

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