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This Spreadsheet Is Exactly What You Need to Track Everything in Your Job Search

By | James Mayr |

Ask anyone you know what the best part of their job is, and zero times out of 10 they’ll say, “Applying for it.”

Take this all-too-common situation: Somewhere between your second interview at one company and your fourth email to another, you realize you never confirmed times for that one call, you applied for the same position twice, and you forgot to submit that mandatory writing sample on time.

I know this because I’ve been there. Before I ended up at The Muse, I applied for 183 positions in one summer—and there’s no way I could’ve kept it all together without a way to organize and track my progress.

When hiring a personal assistant seems a bit out of reach (and out of your budget), a good ol’ spreadsheet can save the day. Enter: our customizable and interactive job application tracker on Google Sheets. To download your own copy and get started, click File > Download as > whatever file type you’d like, or make a copy in Google Sheets by clicking File > Make a copy. You only need to insert the role you’re interested in and check off tasks as you complete them. The next step will automatically appear on the left-hand side to remind you what you have to do—like magic!

OK, you caught us, it’s not quite magic. Rather, we created a formula to help you along.

Here’s how to use the spreadsheet:

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