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This Was A Great Company — Until The ‘Suits’ Took Over

Source | LinkedIn : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I have worked for my employer for almost twelve years. From 2005 to mid-2008 it was a great job and a great place to work, and then things went rapidly downhill because of the recession.

We laid off forty percent of our team and those of us who stayed had a very difficult time, not only because of the increased workload but because of the incredible stress.

We couldn’t spend a dime even on essential purchases for five years, and every quarter we held our breath to see if the company was going to survive or not.

The company survived but as soon as things started to turn around, we were sold to a private equity firm.

I guess I was naive to think that the leadership team (the same people who hired me and my co-workers) would be grateful for our hard work and loyalty during the rough times.

Since the sale our employee benefits have been slashed, our salaries have not increased in two years and the environment has gotten worse and worse.

There is almost always someone from the private equity firm — one of the “suits” they send to check up on us — in our meetings.

These people say very little to the employees, but after our meeting they go into a separate meeting with the managers and share their opinions about who needs to work harder and who needs to go.

It’s a prison-like environment. I’ve been waking up with a fierce headache every morning.

After twelve years of very hard labor I would like to think that we could start to look ahead to brighter times, but I don’t see that happening.

2016 was the most profitable year in the company’s history, but the only people who benefited were the top leaders. I did not get a salary increase last year and I didn’t get a bonus.

This week I told my manager “Sal” that myself and the other employees are pretty fed up and with the job market getting better, the best people could start to take off for greener pastures.

Sal said “No one could blame you if you left. If you need a reference, you can use me.”

Obviously Sal is not going to fight for us — so am I foolish for sticking around?

Thanks Liz –


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