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This Week, In Recruiting – Issue 13

By | Hung Lee |

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Open Kitchen: Where We Go Next – 6 Options

So last week’s essay Hybrid, A Bad Idea We’re Going To Do Anyway drew support and condemnation in seeming equal measure. Truly, I thank everybody for voicing their opinion on it, whether that opinion was negative or positive, in public or private. A large part of this exercise is to increase industry discourse on the ‘hybrid consensus’ because I believe we have arrived at this consensus with insufficient debate.

It might be a good moment now to explore what options are there in front of us. There have already beens some attempts at this, notably a popular post from Range (featured in brainfood yesterday) and I hope my effort here will further sharpen our thinking so that we might make better decisions for our businesses and our employees. I reckon there are at least 6 ‘modes of work’ we can realistically choose from. These are

1. Full Remote

100% distributed company, there is no office, all employees work in a location of their choosing. Culture is completely aligned to be full distributed. Company get togethers become once-a-year potlatches for social bonding. In such a company, employees, team mates, colleagues – may sometimes never meet in-person, something which is understood, accepted and not lamented.


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Most suitable for: companies which produce intangible value i.e. software, professional services companies where everyone basically does the same role, ‘team sized’ companies where colleagues have pre-existing trust relationships with each other.

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