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Thomas L. Friedman: “Thank You for Being Late” | Talks at Google


Thomas L. Friedman, three times Pulitzer Prize winner and award winning NYT columnist joined us in London to discuss his new work, which looks to understand the tectonic movements that are reshaping the world today and how to get the most out of them.

Recorded in London, January 2017. The video Tom plays can be found here: Brandi Carlile – The Eye

** About the Book **
We all sense it – something big is going on. You feel it in your workplace. You feel it when you talk to your children. You can’t miss it when you read the newspapers or watch the news. Our lives are speeding up – and it is dizzying.

In Thank You for Being Late, a work unlike any he has attempted before, Thomas L. Friedman exposes the tectonic movements that are reshaping the world today and explains how to get the most out of them.

Friedman’s thesis is that to understand the twenty-first century, you need to understand that the planet’s three largest forces – Moore’s law (technology), the market (globalization) and Mother Nature (climate change and biodiversity loss) – are all accelerating at once, transforming the workplace, politics, geopolitics, ethics and community. An extraordinary release of energy is reshaping everything from how we hail a taxi to the fate of nations to our most intimate relationships. It is creating vast new opportunities for individuals and small groups to save the world – or perhaps to destroy it.

Thank You for Being Late is a work of contemporary history that serves as a field manual for how to think about this era of accelerations. It’s also an argument for ‘being late’ – for pausing to appreciate this amazing historical epoch we’re passing through and reflecting on its possibilities and dangers. He shows us how we can anchor ourselves as individuals in the eye of this storm, and how communities can create a ‘topsoil of trust’ to do the same for their increasingly diverse and digital populations.

Written with his trademark vitality, wit, and optimism, and with unequalled access to many of those at the forefront of the changes he is describing all over the world, Thank You for Being Late is Friedman’s most ambitious book – and an essential guide to the present and the future.

The book can be found on Google Play here:

** About Tom Friedman **
Thomas L. Friedman is an internationally renowned author, reporter, and columnist—the recipient of three Pulitzer Prizes and the author of six bestselling books, among them From Beirut to Jerusalem and The World Is Flat.
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  1. Don't want to watch the whole thing ? Ok this is what this disgusting corrupt traitor to America is saying 1. Sending/creating millions of jobs to India etc is good for us
    2. Letting millions of people with fake resume/10 year's of exp in yesterdays tech
    people who do not speak English at all is good for us while our American College Grad kids are either not qualified or simply don't want these jobs because they can be Uber driver's or Amazon coolies :/ 3. US tech companies incl the all seeing Googol cannot find
    American College kids who are worth hiring because India has better best and brightest
    that's where about a billion people go the bathroom on the streets but somehow they
    beat out US in being the smartest, keep listening to this clown and his preposterous lies

  2. This guy's title is actually perfect because he's rattling off info that every 8 year old
    already knows, want to hear Wikipedia pages out loud ? listen to this do not waste
    your time getting bored to death because this guy is pushing "Lets reboot Globalization" because it's so much easier to Parasite off of all people across the world

  3. Cannot believe how many pathetic ignorants have an antagonistic cosmovision of this brilliant speech .If America is great is because of the mulkticultural diversity by attracting smart people from everywhere Sillicon Valley thrives …I can understand patriotism cannot understand people who cannot retrieve information ,have low rates of learning and worst of all have no minsets but negative anchors that only can use their lymbic part of their brains
    Thank you Prof Friedmann

  4. Toastmasters an Iternational course for communication and leadership ,teaches you on how filler words such as (um ,ah ,so, and, like ) are not necessary..Instead use a pause ,then give your message . The speaker here has exceeded his filler words . Hope this helps for future speeches?

  5. Interesting…one caveat…see or watch Hans Rosling (R.I.P.) of Gapminder…on future demographics on Earth…end of population growth is in progress…the video using the Ikea boxes is the best one!

  6. I'm a 27-year-old who's going back to school, I typed ethics into Google and found this video somewhere in the results. I'm going to buy the book, I can't believe how relevant this feels.

  7. Thomas Friedman always adds understanding and relevance for individuals living in the 21st century. His perspective remind us all of the need to stay in BETA and keep learning at the center of our lives,

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