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Thought process of a syncfluencer

Source | LinkedIn : By Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

I’m working on my next book titled “Syncfluence” as a sequel to “Is your marketing in sync or sinking?” and I was thinking – why not share a piece of the syncfluencer mindset and check out what you think.

The very mindset of a syncfluencer is different from a regular influencer or a brand endorser. Infact I had written a piece on Techstory on how influencer marketing will lead marketing in 2017.

Imagine this scenario: You have come out with a line of custom T-shirts. Sourced the best raw materials from the best sources, have employed the top fashionistas for the best in breed designs, you want to be seen as a hipster brand with a premium price tag.

You want to leverage the various mediums of communication. You decide that having an ecommerce website is a good place to start. Now that you have the website – you need to build presence, trust and influence.

Where do you start?

How do you build an audience of people that will not only buy your T-shirts but also become your advocates?

You might say go social.

Or more specifically – go Instagram? Yes, it has worked for many brands and might work in this case as well.

But before deciding upon a channel, before coming up with a strategy, before beginning to find influencers for your brand – you need to answer the most important question, which is –

“Who exactly is your customer?”

We all at some point spoke to a media agency and they said “What you need is great public relations (PR)!”

PR definitely helps, but that’s a bad way to approach the problem. It is not a scalable model either. Sadly, the cost of customer acquisition is too high and doesn’t justify as an investment to your current need.

Instead of listing the channels you know and how you will leverage them – try breaking your approach into three basic questions.

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