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Three Major Signs that the Future is Now

Source | LinkedIn : By Rik Vera

Even at the dawn of a brand new year, I’m usually not one to make yet another list of predictions about what’s in store for us in the coming months. Instead, I’m looking further forward. A lot further, to what my business partner Peter Hinssen would call our Day After Tomorrow. Because, in these exponential times, that future will arrive a lot faster than anyone can predict. Yet I still see many organizations who are not preparing themselves for the three major shifts that will define this future. Let’s take a look at them.

#1 Time will become the new currency

Time is our most valuable ‘possession’ (if we can call it that, of course). We waste time making money that we will then use to buy other time. It’s insane when you think about it in that way. We only go through the trouble of buying stuff that we hope will make our limited time more valuable. Time is scarce by definition. It cannot be bought, only lost, wasted or… made valuable.

I am convinced it will soon become the one and only currency left. As a matter of fact, it always was, but we had to wait for this tipping point in society to really make that happen.

It’s individuals who are developing a brand-new perception of value. Not companies. Not governments. Not brands. People. It’s about true value. I absolutely love this quote from The Fight Club: “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like”. But this will no longer be valid in this new digital age. More and more, people are sharing their possessions on platforms which run on our mobile devices. They care less about money and far more about the quality of their lives. It’s no longer about products and services. It’s about customer experience and how that is expressed in the currency ‘time’.

For instance, public transportation is still defined by moving people from point A to B for a certain amount of money. But in fact, their one and only value proposition is time. Public transport should enable a great experience while traveling from A to B, allowing travelers to invest their time in something else. The very same goes for the new type of auto-mobiles (which is what I call self-driving cars): it’s not the cars themselves which have value. It’s the extra time that they offer us.

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