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Three strategies can help organizations tackle one of their greatest challenges: building and maintaining a skilled workforce.

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Arguably, one of the greatest threats facing organizations today is the talent shortage. Executives recognize the skills gap. They know it’s both real and problematic. But most of their organizations don’t appear to be actively or effectively tackling the issue.

We’ve conducted significant research on the topic for years now – and we’ve found many organizations are merely running in place. Ironically, although executives recognize the significant threat the talent shortage poses, most organizations have not proactively attacked the problem. In fact, our research reveals that the vast majority have not moved beyond traditional hiring and training strategies.

Skilled humans fuel the global economy

Throughout economic history, talented humans have been a source of innovation and advancement – their skills the impetus for economic growth. Today, however, multiple factors, including continued – and rapid – technological developments and business and operating model innovation, have contributed to market shifts that are redefining industries.

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