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Tim Ferriss: “How to Cage the Monkey Mind” | Talks at Google


Tim Ferriss will be joined us at Google to talk about his career, books, podcasts, and stoicism. Tim was asked the following questions:

What has been the most important Stoic teaching that I’ve come across?
How do I manage the many requests I receive?
What are the factors or elements that have led to the success of the podcast?
Where do I see myself in five years?
If I could pick three people — alive or dead — to be in my personal board of directors, who would they be?
How do I experiment with my dog training?
What are my recommendations for longevity?
How do I fight insomnia?
And much, much more…

Moderated by Jordan Thibodeau


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  1. Tim Ferriss is one of our modern day sages, a truly enlightened Renaissance person. Unlike to many leaders or spiritual gurus, he is sincere, humble, logical, and practical. You can actually learn and apply what he discusses.

  2. I changed my mind Tim Ferris head is just as big or bigger ,it just has hair on it. If my head was that big I would be a genius also. The doctor had to use the jaws of life to pull these big ass head out of their mothers. Shit

  3. That bald guy looks like someone taped his eyebrows on his head .blimp head ass mofo. That test tube baby's head busted the fucking tube damn.battering ram head ass.

  4. He clearly demonstrated his firestorm of humility. Tim is the male equivalent of the super models who used to write books about dieting while eating bags of candy.

  5. Wonderful advice I benefited a lot . Stoic advices fasting , meditations and preparing worst case senario is Islamic and it helps a lot . Tim got it very word he says benefits. Thanks for sharing

  6. Would Tim Ferriss have the courage to give up everything – give everything away – avoid all the clapping and admiration and fame – live in true poverty whilst trying to help poor people out of poverty? Probably not. Is he a superficial stoic?

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