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It’s time for diverse views of Diversity.

Source |  |  BY:Jim Bhoran PHD 

A few days ago, I stopped into a Thai restaurant in my hometown getting ready to order take-out. The man behind the counter asked me what I wanted, and before long, we were engaged in a conversation about how he got into the business, how his work helped his family, his achievements in education, and his desires for his future. We probably spoke for 15 minutes while I waited. I went into his establishment because of my respect for the amazing flavors that can only be truly purveyed by someone trained in the culinary forms of Thailand. Yet I left knowing more about him, and he knew more about me. A bit of discussion created a bridge between our worlds. Though I could have sat there in silence and he could have simply performed his work, we engaged in discussion and learned a bit about each other. It is situations like that which leave me asking myself a question over and over again: “Isn’t diversity really about basic respect for an individual?”


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