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Time To Approve Yourself, Because, Enough of Criticising Already


By Bilal Javed

Self-approval comes from within. 

It is an ability that allows us to value all parts of ourselves unconditionally. That does not imply that you must like everything about yourself and your life. Rather, it implies self-love that helps to bring out the best in you.

Well, do you think you are alone in this? We all, in some way or another, allow ourselves to get judged by others. We let ourselves fall prey to others’ disapproval. We let them put conditions on our existence.

Are we doing justice to ourselves? We are damaging our self-esteem by tying our approval to their conditions. 

Unconditional self-approval is accepting yourself with your flaws and your strengths. These are part of you and your life, whether you like it or not. 

Let me take you through this article where we discuss ways to enhance self-love.

Set aside some time for yourself

Every day, dedicate some time for yourself and do something that brings you joy. You can draw, journal, create short stories, play an instrument, or do anything else that interests you. Every day, give yourself some “me time” and be kind to yourself.

Remind yourself of your good qualities

You might be a little heavier than the ideal body type but you have long and lovely hair. You might not be a natural athlete but maybe you are a good mathematician. Always remind yourself of your good qualities every day. That is something you should be proud of.

Do not demoralise yourself thinking you are not good as other people around you. Not every person in this world is perfect. All of us have flaws in us. But it is we who decides to transform those flaws into our strength.

Respect your dreams

People who respect themselves are those who are kind to themselves and honour their objectives rather than dismissing them as foolish whims. 

Take your ambitions seriously, turn them into goals and formulate a plan to achieve them.

Have fun and be happy

Make time for the things that bring you joy. If you enjoy dancing, look for dance academies in your area to learn how to dance and improve your skills.

Get a ticket to an escape room if you enjoy decoding codes and solving riddles. Escape Room Seattle and Escape the room in Chicago, for example, feature captivating games to keep you entertained. If you have never experienced an arcade in VR then I would like you to definitely give it a try.

These games will help you improve your communication, team-building, and other skills.

Make a reservation for an escape room near you and give yourself a reason to have fun.

Last but not least,

Accept the real You

Accept yourself as you are right now. There will be successes and failures. Learn from them and upskill yourself.

Do not allow others to decide your fate. You are your own BOSS. 

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