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Time to Call Workers Back to the Office? 4 Reasons You Should Think Twice

By | Phyllis Furman |

Malcolm Gladwell thinks remote work is bad for both employers and their employees. Where do you stand on the remote work debate?

The best-selling author of The Tipping Point and Blink set off a fierce backlash after he stated on the podcast  “The Diary of a CEO” that working from home makes workers feel “socially disconnected from their organization.” 

“If you’re just sitting in your pajamas in your bedroom,” he asked, “is that the work life you want?”

Critics swiftly hit back calling the man who spent years writing books from whatever location was convenient for him, a hypocrite who is misinformed and out of touch. 

Nonetheless, a growing number of employers think just the way Malcolm does and they’re taking steps to bring their workers back to the workplace. Among their claims: Working offsite slows down decision-makinginnovation, and creativity

About half of companies globally say they already mandate or are planning to require that workers return to the workplace full time, according to a Microsoft study. While employers risked losing employees to such edicts in the recent past, their hand is strengthening as the economy weakens. A Wall Street Journal headline sums up the new tough stance: “Enough, Bosses Say: This Fall, It Really Is Time to Get Back to the Office.” 

As an employer, it might be tempting to follow the crowd. But it’s important to carefully weigh both sides of the remote work debate, before making your decision. 

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