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Time to Jump Ship? 6 Signs You Need to Leave Your Job

By | Cory Miller |

Making the decision to change jobs or careers can be scary, especially in the current economy. But at times, it becomes necessary. You can be happy and fulfilled one day, but then circumstances and situations change and you’re left wondering why everything suddenly seems to suck.

If you’re in this situation, your first step should be to do everything you can to remedy your situation before seeking to jump ship. But if you’ve tried your best and are still unhappy, these signs may point to the fact that it’s time to find a new job.

1. You’re Underpaid

Money isn’t everything, but you do need to pay your bills. And moreover, you deserve to get adequately rewarded for the work that you do. When you’re just not making the money you need, it can be hard to put in the extra effort to really excel, and it can affect your motivation over the long haul—especially if it’s compounded by other less-than-ideal situations at work. So, if you know you’re being paid significantly less than you deserve—that can be a very good reason to start looking for new opportunities that’ll actually meet your salary needs.

Alternate Options:Do some research and see what people in similar positions are making (considering the cost of living in different locations). And if you truly feel you are due for a raise, ask for it. But if you’re not quite there yet, seek input and feedback from your boss or trusted co-workers on how you can further help the organization and increase your value. Then get to work.

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