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Time To Slow It Down !!!!!!!!!!!!

Source | LinkedIn : By Kushagra Nagrath

A few months ago there was a power cut on a Friday evening at about 8:30 p.m. All hell broke loose at our home. For a few minutes I just couldn’t understand as to what was the reason, not the power cut, but the state of screams and shouts, as father of a two boys — one being seven the other being ten, I soon realized that it can be quite  a task handling this situation as the reason behind the chaos dawned on me —- These are the kids of “Instant” — right here, right now generation. As there was no power, so there was no WI-fi, there were no iPads (as they were not charged), and no TV. All in all the kids were completely unplugged and they just did not know what to do, especially as they were permitted TV time, late bed time as the next day was a holiday, owing to the fact that it was a weekend.

A little bit of introspection led me to realize  what and how the world around us has changed with always wanting to be plugged in and have everything available to us at a press of a button. With twitter, whats app, Facebook and other social / business media apps we are living more in the virtual rather than the real space. Easy access to information, gaming, living life in under 140 characters is leading us to be actually less social, where in lies the irony of “social media” , are we truly pacing it, developing our selves, do we still have our sense of discovery intact, do we still feel, touch smell etc (metaphorically) . I guess with having access to and always being plugged in we really have becomes slave to “instant ” lives which has lead to a much higher consumption and way of life to what is instant and now. Look at the advent , growth and reach of online shopping, Instant Foods, instant results in the beauty and slimming industry, the examples can go on and on. Everyone is looking at instant success, instant answers, instant solutions, instant results, instant relaxation, instant travel and everything that is here and now. What this is resulting in is of-course us loosing , loosing what a lot might ask, well to begin with loosing the art of connecting and communicating, these are not the same as posts, likes, the number of friends on FB, nor is it the same with relaying messages  on FB or tweeting .

Which brings me to a very important point — when was the last time one went for a leisurely stroll, walking hand in hand with their partner or child just looking up at the sky and basking in the wonder that universe is all about, talking about the constellations and galaxies or about life in general . when was the last time you actually went on a holiday and back truly relaxed and not complaining that you need a holiday to recuperate from this one.

When was the last time you picked up a lady bird in your hand and let it just walk over your hand and looking at it and seeing just how beautiful it is. When was the last time you actually picked up a flower and smelt it, and relished and surrendered in its sweet smell. When was the last time you tucked your child into bed and made up a story , and told him that while the child gently fell into a slumber to a wondrous dream spun by your words.

I am not saying that all this is bad, but all i am saying is that we need to be more alive and connected to each other by ways and means of touch, sight, and speech, rather than only virtual. Just a little test — we have actually stopped calling people to wish them, why because we can do so on FB or wassap groups. now isn’t that sad, sure you are connected, but are you “truly connected” ? is the pertinent question.

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