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Timing Is Everything

Source | Linkedin | David Wiseman | Digital Brand Reputation Management • Online Branding Expert • Public Speaker • LinkedIn Writer with 1+ Million Views

As the great Simon Sinek says: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

It is critical why you do something, but never lose sight how important it is when you do it.

Timing is everything – in so many ways.

It’s great to be first to market, but if you’re too early, the market isn’t clued-in enough to appreciate what you’re offering.

Remember the likes of AskJeeves,, Dodgeball, LetsBuyIt, Webvan, and WebTV?

Each of them is now nothing more than a trivia question.

In the start-up marathon of life, at the 20-mile mark they were so far ahead, but for different reasons, each crashed and burned. Those lagging behind were able to learn from these mistakes as well as take advantage from superior technology.

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