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Tips For Building Meaningful Employee Engagement

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Words like “engagement” and “culture” can get thrown around with a lot of lip service and garner very little more than an eye roll from staff and leadership alike. So how do you make sure the company’s efforts are meaningful and truly connect with its staff?

Below are some tips to help build a strategy around engaging employees that goes beyond a laminated sign in the break room or an email initiative destined for the junk folder.

Understand what employees are looking for from the places they choose to work. Glassdoor has just released their 12th annual Employees’ Choice Awards revealing the 100 Best Places to Work in 2020 in the U.S., with lists in 8 other countries. This isn’t just a report for people looking to make a move to a better company. In there is a ton of useful information for leadership to understand what employees are truly looking for.

Common themes that have popped up this year from their extensive report show that employees are looking for the following: mission-driven company cultures, feeling valued, smart, collaborative colleagues, competitive compensation, robust perks and benefits, companies with a clear direction, opportunity for career advancement, transparent senior leadership, challenging/exciting work that delivers impact and work-life balance.

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