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Tips for Every Busy Businesswoman This Summer

By | Rayanne Morris

As a woman in business, you have a lot on your plate. Navigating your work environment, performing your job to the best of your abilities and finding a comfortable work/life balance are some of the issues you probably deal with on a regular basis. You also need to consider your professional image. The way you present yourself is important to your career. You also want to feel confident and comfortable in the office.

With summer fast approaching, now is a good time to consider your business wardrobe. Finding pieces that make you feel good about yourself and that are comfortable to wear can be a challenge. Hopefully, this article will provide you with some proven advice you can adapt into your own lifestyle. Keep reading for fashion tips every busy business woman needs this summer.

Choose Natural Fabrics

You want your clothing to be able to breathe during the summer months. Unfortunately, some of your standard man-made fabrics don’t allow the air to flow through them, causing you to sweat in hot and humid temperatures. Not only is sweating uncomfortable, it can also lead you to be self-conscious. To cut down on this issue, go for natural fibers such as cotton or linen.

Try Layering

A fabulous office fashion tip is to wear layers. Depending on where you live, the mornings could be quite cool in the summer, with temps warming up as the day progresses. In addition, many office buildings are kept at rather chilly temperatures. You may need a light cardigan or linen jacket throughout your day. You’ll appreciate being able to remove it in a building without air conditioning or when stepping out into the sunshine after being in a cool office.

Find Lightweight Hosiery

Some offices may not allow bare legs. While this can be unfortunate in the summer, there are options to help you stay comfortable and cool. Obviously, you’ll want to stay away from tights or other leg coverings made of heavy and thick material. Instead, look for those that are made of sheer and lightweight fabric. Opt for a color that comes close to matching your skin tone or choose a pale shade that won’t attract and absorb as much heat.

Avoid Pants or Leggings That Cling

You may love skinny-fitting pants or leggings. However, these aren’t the best choices when it comes to summer office attire. These types of pants cling to your legs and trap heat. This is the opposite of what you should seek during the warmer months of summer. This type of fit doesn’t allow for air to flow. Seek out a fit that is looser and more comfortable in summer’s heat.

Wear Seasonal Colors

With a change in seasons often comes a shift in color palettes. Instead of black and navy, which are often winter staples, feel free to pull out lighter and brighter hues. Pastels and jewel tones are great when adding a pop of color to your outfit. Neutrals to consider for summer include beige, khaki and white. This can be a great time to really let your personality shine if your office culture allows for free displays of self-expression. Brands like Krazy Larry have a wide assortment of fun colors and patterns to choose from that can really add pizzazz to your wardrobe. Even in more conservative work environments, you can often add more reserved swatches of colors through accessories and accents.

You Can Still Accessorize

While you want to stay cool and avoid as much excess fabric as you can, you don’t want to forego accessories completely. A chunky necklace may rub your skin or cause sweat to build up beneath it in the summer. Therefore, it’s often better to go with daintier options like a single chain and pendant. Buy from a high rated jewelry store in your area and you will find a delicate piece that suits your style. Heavy earrings may be another choice that can be bothersome in warmer temperatures. You may need to employ trial and error to find styles, weights and materials that work for you. But you don’t have to skip accessorizing altogether in the summer heat.


Keep these fashion tips in mind when heading to the office this summer. The goal is to maintain your confidence, while staying cool and comfortable in the office and during important meetings.

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