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Tips for freelancers writers to get plagiarism free content in no time

By | Nancy Hale

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has changed our lives too much. The importance of the internet has grown rapidly for different purposes like work from home.

Freelancing has also become much popular in recent years. When you just have a look at the statistics, you will see that the graph has moved up rapidly in the last 2 to 3 years.

What is Freelancing?

It is a specific field in which a person offers a job or service from his place to anyone around the world. Similarly, a person who is looking for that particular service will pick him up and hire him for his work.

In simple words, both employer and buyer do not exist physically at the same place. But they are making business even when they are sitting on the opposite sides of the planet.

Due to recent pandemic conditions, it has grown much popular to come online and look for a job or work. Freelancing does not limit to a specific field but it has an extensive list of skills that you can offer.

Freelance writing is one of the most demanded skills in this field. Because of its huge demand, a lot of people are moving towards this field.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer, you might have faced some issues in your work. The most important and occasionally occurring problem is plagiarism.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the duplication of other people’s work without getting their permission or letting them know. A person simply searches for his query over the internet and opensa few blogs or links.

By copying the content from those blogs, he simply arranges it and publishes it over the internet under his name tag. If you want to be successful in the freelance writing field, you must avoid this act.

No doubt, it is almost impossible to write plagiarism-free content while you have a huge collection of data available over the internet. You might intentionally or unintentionally copy other people’s writings or ideas.

In this blog, we will show you those tips that might help you to write plagiarism-free content quickly. You only need to read the upcoming sections and try to understand what we are going to tell you.

Let’s go and make sure that you are going to get a successful career in the freelance writing field.

Check Plagiarism

Before jumping to the process of getting plagiarism-free content, you need to check plagiarism in your work. It is impossible to solve this problem without checking the duplication that you have got in your work.

For this task, you can browse any free plagiarism checker available over the internet. The tool will only take your content from you and will do the rest of the task without any manual interference.

It will compare your content with billions of pages within few minutes and show you accurate results regarding the uniqueness of your work. In this way, you can easily check what are exact statistics related to plagiarism in your work.

Use a paraphrasing tool

Once you have found plagiarized content from the entire blog, you can go to the internet and look for a paraphrase tool. It will enable you to rewrite the copied lines to make them unique.

In this case, you do not need to do anything but paste the duplicated sentences in the given textinserting box of the tool. It will then understand the meanings of the content and replace the synonyms without changing the actual intentions.

In short, a freelance writer can easily make his content unique in no time. It is because he only has to proofread the final copy of the content to make sure that he has got the best-paraphrased work.

Tips to write plagiarism free content

It is better to learn some tips to write plagiarism-free content from scratch. ith this, a freelance writer can get more clients and save the time and effort that he might have to do while checking his work and rewriting to make it unique.

Here are some tips that you can use to avoid plagiarism in your writings and become a successful person in the field.

Ø Think Original

The main reason why we got a lot of duplication in our writings is we do not think original. We try to come over the internet and write other author’s ideas without doing enough research.

You can’t write unique content unless you have thought about the topic deeply on your own. No doubt, it will be difficult for you to do so but it is not impossible.

You only need to pick a topic and try to create an image in your mind. It will enable you to think out of the box and get the best idea about the intentions of the topic.

Ø Do modifications

Sometimes, you will get a topic on which you can’t think deeply unless you have researched over the internet. In such a case, some of the concepts and ideas will remain in your mind and will not leave you unless you have added them in your writings.

Do not worry, it is not unethical to utilize other ideas in your content while you are writing a blog or article similar to that topic. But you need to do some modifications too for making the writings plagiarism-free.

You only need to search for your query and read multiple blogs available on that topic. After reading those blogs, you only need to add your point of view in those blogs or do some other kind of modifications.

In such a case, you can easily write a plagiarism-free blog even without thinking deeply.

Ø Collect synonyms

In freelance writing, you might have faced the condition where you can’t change few lines to make them unique. It is because of the simplicity of the words or complexity of the concept on which you are writing.

To deal with such problems, you need to make your vocabulary strong by adding some new words. You only need to extend your list of synonyms by searching for similar words of every possible word over the internet.

It will enable you to utilize those words in a specific part of your writing to get a unique blog, article, or any other document.

Ø Add Quotations

Sometimes, you can’t write on a topic without adding few lines from a journal or book. It happens mostly when you are writing about a technical topic.

It is also important to add other author’s views on your topic to support your blog and make it authoritative. In both these conditions, you need to quote that sentence properly to give credit to the original author.

For this task, you can also do citations to give the reader access to the original blog from where you have copied those statistics. If you are unfamiliar with quotations or citations, you must read about them to understand them.

Without proper citation style, you will not be able to give credit to the original author. In this condition, your work will be considered plagiarized.

Ø Proofread

To make sure that you have written plagiarism-freeSEO friendly content, you need to proofread your document. It is not to find grammatical errors in your work or typo mistakes only.

But you have to check the entire content to find any data where you need to give a citation. If you will get any sentence or statistical data in your content, you must cite the source to avoid plagiarism.

Bottom Line

We have researched a lot to write this blog and find the tips that will work for every freelance writer to get succeed. You can use a plagiarism checker to get your work unique and to rewrite it using a tool for making your work unique in no time.

If you want to do this task manually, you have to follow the above tips for better outcomes. This process will enable you to get a copy of unique content that you can publish on any platform without having much trouble.

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